Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Internet vs Shopping.

It is me once again...

Continue to share my thoughts about the Internet in our life and its opportunity to substitute different spheres of this life. For example, shopping.

Today more and more people prefer Internet shops instead of different markets and so one. It is more comfortable for them to sit home, choose some goods through the Internet and receive their orders in a couple of days or even hours. You can buy everything through the Internet! It is not a problem at all now. More and more companies develop Internet marketing now because they understand the fact it is our future.

My friends, do you agree with the fact the Internet can completely substitute shops and markets? I think that you would agree with me if I considered shops to be “old” way to get something, would not you?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Internet vs. Newspapers: who is who?

Could you imagine that one day you would say good bye to all newspapers? How could predict that? No, of course you can use them while travelling in he underground for example s you do not have a computer and the Internet access there. But you must admit: today less and less people read newspapers because the Internet won this battle!

Could you imagine that the end of newspapers’ industry was predicted in 1981??!!!
Read this and you’ll know it for sure!

So, say good bye to printed news and take a pleasure from reading them earlier and faster on the Internet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And what do you choose? TV - forever?

Today we are offered a lot of resources to look through the online video or TV, or listen to the radio. Will a web-TV replace a regular TV? I think that it is unlikely in the near future. I personally listen to the radio through the Internet, but I do not have enough speed to watch TV with his help - the picture is constantly stopped.
I think that many of you have the same problem. The high speed internet has not been properly developed yet for television to move to the network. Of course, we can already see a lot through the Internet, but to watch TV broadcasts is still not accessible for everyone.
As a result of the Harris Interactive agency study, the average American spends from 30 minutes to 2 hours a week for on-line news. At the same time, 13% of respondents stated that their attention to other information sources has not diminished after the advent of the Internet but it was changed. And 57% of Americans say that they actively use the internet but still watch television and read newspapers.
In addition to Internet resources where you can watch the internet TV, there are special programs which are installed on computers and show the Internet broadcast-TV, Internet radio and video. Each of these programs has a certain base of TV stations, radio and video.
You can add links of the stations in this database which you found by yourself. So, if the speed allows, you can collect your own list of Internet-TV, radio and video.
I think that as soon as the high speed Internet will be publicly available, then the television will switch to a new level. The whole television will be the Internet-TV. Do you think it is really needed? Will it turn to be a reality? Does a conventional TV have no chance indeed?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello people!

Hello everyone!
How are you? I hope fine and happy! Let me wish you to have everything the best in your lives and share my thoughts with you here. Today the Internet became the part of everything. I am not an exception here because I work with computer technologies and can not live without the Internet. So, I decided to become a part of your community to be able to "speak" and "listen" here! I am sure we'll become good friends!
Regards! And keep in touch!

The Internet as the alternative tendency of the entertainment industry.

The Internet is a strong part of our life now. There is no person who did not hear anything about the Internet and there are not many people who never used it. The Internet is a very serious competitor of TV, radio, cinema and so one. It is not necessary to go to the cinema today in order to watch a film. It is possible to download it from the Internet. It is not necessary to visit CD and DVD shops today. All music is possible to find in the Internet. We use the Internet as the irreplaceable helper at work by finding there different information about different topics. Any book, scientific work… A long time has passed since the Internet has left TV behind according to self-descriptiveness and speed of giving news. Any news which you will read in newspapers tomorrow or watch at TV today’s evening is possible for you to find in the Internet today’s morning. I think that I will not discover America to anyone by telling the fact many people prefer the Internet to TV. The fans of different reality shows have a chance to observe their favourite characters not only on-line but also watch those scenes which could not be seen at TV.
The Internet becomes the alternative of all the entertainment industry today. And we have the following question here: is it good? A person can have no need to leave its home by entering the virtual Internet world. Internet-shops will deliver your order to your home with pleasure. Internet acquaintances and talks in chats will fill up your lack of communication. Internet helps to observe and know everything that happens in the world. It is even possible to earn money with the help of the Internet. It is good and comfortable. It saves your time and can become a real treasure for those people who like to call themselves progress-lovers and modern technologies-lovers. But let us think: do not we come closer to the time when the Internet replaces us a real life and when every person sits at the computer, does not see other people, does not go outside and does not see any necessity in live communication? Laziness is the engine of a progress. Most of inventions were created thanks to laziness. The internet is a very useful invention and I do not think that laziness was the reason of its creation. Let’s use this resource reasonably. It is our great helper. But there is no need to make it the only one helper and recourse of information. Though it can perfectly be the main one))).