Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do you use it in your daily life?

Well, maybe it is not very good to start a blog with a question... A person does not understand what I mean by saying "it". What is "it" in this question? What will this man write about? Anyway.... I want to ask about such a phenomenon as Internet slang. I think all of use use it more or less when we write our blogs, comment on someone's blog or just communicate with our friends in Skype, ICQ and so one... All these "ROFL"s, "LOL"s, "WTF"s, "DWAI"s and so one... How often do you use them? Do you like writing such shortenings in your comments for example? I must admit, that "LOL" is my favourite. Lol! I found out that there would be the whole dictionary of such shortenings and words which are called to be Internet slang. Here are some examples from that dictionary (a lot of them were unfamiliar for me before!!):


VANILLA - Unexciting, conventional


TTUS - Talk To You Soon.

TTLY - Totally

SWM - Single White Male

SWAGGER - A person's style

STELLA -- Flirty girl

SMASH -- Have sex

RIFRAF --- Common people, trailer trash

POTUS --- President of the United States

PARTY POOPER -- A person who ruins the mood with their attitude

NMO --- Not My Opinion

N1 -- Nice One

MW4MW --- Man and Woman looking for another Man and Woman

LYLAF --- Love You Like A Friend


LEES --- Very Attractive Man/Woman

KOTC --- Kiss On The Cheek

JFYI --- Just For Your Information

INORITE -- I Know, Right?

HOLLAND ---- Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies

HAG --- Unattractive old woman

FO SHO --- For Sure

EBONY ---- Dark skin tone

BOOTY CALL --- Call for sex

ALOL --- Actually Laughing Out Loud

What do you think? Do you have your favourite one? And can you use it in your daily life, not on the Internet?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Extravagancy of the riches.

We all have our personal dreams about getting rich, perhaps by winning the lottery or maybe with the help of a generous benefactor. But have you ever thought about what would you do with all that money if you had it?

Love makes you lose your head, and when you are rich and powerful you sometimes find really extravagant ways to show how strong your feelings are – starting from Wonders of the World and finishing with your own ear.

Celebrities, like anybody of us, love the joyous festivities of holidays, such as birthdays and baby showers. However, what do Hollywood's finest receive from their families, friends, and co-stars on those memorable events worth partying for?

Being as rich as Richard Branson seems pretty cool. You can hold parties for your airline and then hot chicks show up and you can pick them up and do whatever you want with them.

Look, now I wanna introduce you some

David Backham once gave his wife Victoria, a diamond necklace encrusted with over a hundred rubies worth a cool $1.2 million. Wow, yeah?

On the same Christmas Victoria Backham gave her hubby, David, a gleaming Rolls Royce Phantom. (Perhaps it was revenge! LOL)

Maria Carey sent to the family and friends, Carey-branded tights studded with the real diamonds that cost $15,000 each.

Jennifer Lopez bought for hubby Marc Anthony a Speker C8. It is described as an exclusive Dutch supercar costs approximately $250,000

Celebrities sometimes get their own shows that allow viewers to watch the celebrity go through his or her day. It can be quite intriguing to witness glamorous celebrity deal with the daily grind, like Britney, Ozzy Osborne, Paris Hilton.

The recent example is Virtual Wife, not a reality as we got used to talk about, but a video blog of the same kind.

According to, Britney Spears spends $102,000 a month on entertainment – going out, gifts and vacations… But hey, Christmas is coming, maybe it’s time to think about presents?

Forget about receiving lumps of coal, when you are a celebrity you can give the most extravagant and at times the most ridiculous holiday gifts to your BF, spouse, or child.

I have a guilty pleasure of reading up on Hollywood's extravagant lifestyle, so when gift-giving holidays come around, you better believe I really wanna know what kind of outrageous presents the stars got for their significant others!

One year Courtney Cox gave hubby David Arquette a carousel horse, Jay-Z gave Beyonce a platinum cell phone, and Sarah Larson received a romantic night in a $40,000 hotel suite from her then-flame George Clooney.

Ooh la la!

And here I am happy if I get flowers and chocolate!

What do you think? Are these gifts crazy or romantic? Besides, what you would do with all that money if you had it?

Look, I have an idea!!! Maybe it’s time to think about your beloveds?

The Golden Vibrator is cleverly constructed, pleasing, and chic. At the price of $1500.00, this premium sex toy will seduce and satisfy buyers. This item is packaged in a custom-made wooden box and includes a charger, a satin carrying pouch, and an instructional booklet detailing the best ways for a woman to use it. Combining functionality and femininity, this item is 18 karat gold-plated, weighs approximately five ounces, and is three inches long. Huh?

Your ideas?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Internet vs Cinema.

Do you like going to the cinema? As for me, I try to go there as often as it is possible. Well, if the film is interesting for me of course. I think that nothing can be compared with the impressions from a big screen, wonderful effects and sound. The atmosphere of the cinema is magical. All people come there with the only one goal: to take a great pleasure from what they see. It is like a tradition already: to invite a girl to the cinema, to buy a pop corn and cola (or something else – it is up to you tastes of course) and admire the film….

That is why I was a little bit surprised when yesterday the friend of mine refused to go to the cinema with me to watch the new film “2012” because, as he said, he would better watch it at the computer soon. He will wait a little till the time this film will be possible to download from the Internet at some torrents and he will watch it in a cozy home atmosphere. Moreover, he will save the money which he would spend for a ticket if he went with me! I was confused! 

From the one hand, I understand the fact that for many people it is more comfortable to watch films at home. But from the other hand, I do not understand how a monitor screen can be compared with the magical cinema atmosphere where you feel yourself as if you are a part of the film you watch?

Where do you prefer to watch new movies, my friends?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Internet as a way to create a family.

Have you ever thought about the following fact: today less and less people want to flirt, get acquainted, date and get married in reality. What do I mean? I mean that many young (well, also not very young) people prefer to meet someone on the Internet, communicate there and only after that meet this person in reality. What is that? The fear of being not attractive enough for the opposite sex??

Look around. There are so many different dating sites on the Internet where hundreds and thousands of people have their profiles and try to meet someone, to corspond with someone with the aim of finding their second halves. There are even virtual churches where you can get married with your second half (even if you did not meet it in reality) on the Internet. I was a witness of such a wedding: both bride and groom did not meet each other in reality and got acquainted at one forum. They decided to create a virtual family and they even had a certificate (virtual of course) of their marriage. So, everything is legal.

My friends, what do you think? Is it the end of real families??

P.S. Well, certainly, the Internet can be very useful for finding your second half if you are a very shy person who lives in a small village and practically does not have any chance to meet your love. But virtual wedding and family life?? What for?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Is the Internet melting our brains?

[From an interview with Dennis Baron, author of "A Better Pencil".] ...

Computer socialization -- is this putting an end to face-to-face human interaction? Or does it let us expand our social networks when face-to-face communication is not possible, either because of geographic distance or some other barrier? Obviously, there are people who will reject these kinds of things out of hand and say the only meaningful communication is the one that I can have face-to-face with someone, who say calling Facebook "friends" friends is the end of the meaning of friendship.
On the other hand, I survey my students all the time about this, and there's confirming data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project that, in fact, what people are using programs like Facebook and e-mail and chats for is to reinforce friendships and to maintain friendships across distance. My students say I did this semester abroad and the only way I could keep in contact with my friends was through Facebook, and stuff like that. I don't think for most people it replaces anything. I think it extends it. But certainly, there are people who want to say, look I have 15,000 Facebook friends and look how popular I am.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Does the Internet kill real communication?

It seems that the Internet is altering the way we communicate in both positive and negative ways. Email provides quick and easy service for many. While it may be increasing lines of communication, it may also be isolating us from more personal forms of communication.

What do you think? Do you agree with that? How many of you were sitting with your girl(boy-)friends or wives (husbands) in one room and had one laptop each? Maybe you even communicated like those two guys at the picture? Is not it a sign?

Monday, October 19, 2009

50 things that are being killed by the internet.

Lately, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has published the article “50 things that are being killed by the internet”. Everybody was shocked and commented this article very much. I’ve chosen 10 the most TOP for me. The article itself you can read here:

It is very interesting I think!

So, what we’ve lost because of the Internet:

1) Punctuality

Before mobile phones, people actually had to keep their appointments and turn up to the pub on time. Texting friends to warn them of your tardiness five minutes before you are due to meet has become one of throwaway rudenesses of the connected age.

2) Watches

Scrabbling around in your pocket to dig out a phone may not be as elegant as glancing at a watch, but it saves splashing out on two gadgets.

3) Memory

When almost any fact, no matter how obscure, can be dug up within seconds through Google and Wikipedia, there is less value attached to the "mere" storage and retrieval of knowledge. What becomes important is how you use it – the internet age rewards creativity.

4) Knowing telephone numbers off by heart

After typing the digits into your contacts book, you need never look at them again.

5) Viktor Yanukovych

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine was organised by a cabal of students and young activists who exploited the power of the web to mobilise resistance against the old regime, and sweep Viktor Yushchenko to power.

6) Geographical knowledge

With GPS systems spreading from cars to smartphones, knowing the way from A to B is a less prized skill. Just ask the London taxi drivers who spent years learning The Knowledge but are now undercut by minicabs.

7) Watching television together

On-demand television, from the iPlayer in Britain to Hulu in the US, allows relatives and colleagues to watch the same programmes at different times, undermining what had been one of the medium's most attractive cultural appeals – the shared experience. Appointment-to-view television, if it exists at all, seems confined to sport and live reality shows.

8) Letter writing/pen pals

Email is quicker, cheaper and more convenient; receiving a handwritten letter from a friend has become a rare, even nostalgic, pleasure. As a result, formal valedictions like "Yours faithfully" are being replaced by "Best" and "Thanks".

9) Respect for doctors and other professionals

The proliferation of health websites has undermined the status of GPs, whose diagnoses are now challenged by patients armed with printouts.

10) The mystery of foreign languages

Sites like Babelfish offer instant, good-enough translations of dozens of languages – but kill their beauty and rhythm.

Have you ever thought of it????

Monday, October 12, 2009

Internet vs Real Communication???

I will not believe you if you tell me you never tried to get acquainted with someone through the Internet! If you read this article you are a person who “lives” on the Internet for sure! So, it means that you come here not only to read some information or find a movie, music or buy something but also to meet some nice new and interesting people to communicate and share your opinion with. Am I right? So, the question is: how much disappointment did you have when decided to meet with your Internet friend in reality? I do not mean just appearance but also character, points of views, manner of speech and so one. Certainly, some examples can be found when people who met through the Internet stayed good friends or even built a family. But these examples are not mass.

So, are you ready to substitute real communication for the Internet one? Or you are still able to see the difference between them? Which one do you prefer?

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Internet advertising has overtaken the television one in Great Britain.

The first half of 2009 has shown us that the inputs to Internet advertising exceeded the inputs to television advertising for the first time.Reuters Agency reports about this fact. In general, 1.75 billion pounds (2.81 billion dollars) was spent to the online advertising in the first half of 2009. This represents 23,5% of all advertising costs and it is 4.6% more if compared to the same period of the last year. The part of television advertising was 21,9%. For comparison, the cost of advertising on the screens in the field of interactive media sales accounted for 18.5% of all advertising spending, but on the mailing list - 11,5%.
In early June 2009 it became known that the cost of advertising on television in the UK fell to its lowest level since 1980’s. The Billets research company announced that prices for television advertising will be reduced by 16% by year-end. Thus, the average cost basis, required to make a TV movie watched by 1000 adults, will be only 4.16 pounds sterling. At the same time, analysts advise not to invest in the Internet, because virtual projects are becoming less and less profitable. This was written in July by Wall Street Journal.

Which advertisement do you believe more? TV or Internet one?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Internet vs Shopping.

It is me once again...

Continue to share my thoughts about the Internet in our life and its opportunity to substitute different spheres of this life. For example, shopping.

Today more and more people prefer Internet shops instead of different markets and so one. It is more comfortable for them to sit home, choose some goods through the Internet and receive their orders in a couple of days or even hours. You can buy everything through the Internet! It is not a problem at all now. More and more companies develop Internet marketing now because they understand the fact it is our future.

My friends, do you agree with the fact the Internet can completely substitute shops and markets? I think that you would agree with me if I considered shops to be “old” way to get something, would not you?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Internet vs. Newspapers: who is who?

Could you imagine that one day you would say good bye to all newspapers? How could predict that? No, of course you can use them while travelling in he underground for example s you do not have a computer and the Internet access there. But you must admit: today less and less people read newspapers because the Internet won this battle!

Could you imagine that the end of newspapers’ industry was predicted in 1981??!!!
Read this and you’ll know it for sure!

So, say good bye to printed news and take a pleasure from reading them earlier and faster on the Internet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And what do you choose? TV - forever?

Today we are offered a lot of resources to look through the online video or TV, or listen to the radio. Will a web-TV replace a regular TV? I think that it is unlikely in the near future. I personally listen to the radio through the Internet, but I do not have enough speed to watch TV with his help - the picture is constantly stopped.
I think that many of you have the same problem. The high speed internet has not been properly developed yet for television to move to the network. Of course, we can already see a lot through the Internet, but to watch TV broadcasts is still not accessible for everyone.
As a result of the Harris Interactive agency study, the average American spends from 30 minutes to 2 hours a week for on-line news. At the same time, 13% of respondents stated that their attention to other information sources has not diminished after the advent of the Internet but it was changed. And 57% of Americans say that they actively use the internet but still watch television and read newspapers.
In addition to Internet resources where you can watch the internet TV, there are special programs which are installed on computers and show the Internet broadcast-TV, Internet radio and video. Each of these programs has a certain base of TV stations, radio and video.
You can add links of the stations in this database which you found by yourself. So, if the speed allows, you can collect your own list of Internet-TV, radio and video.
I think that as soon as the high speed Internet will be publicly available, then the television will switch to a new level. The whole television will be the Internet-TV. Do you think it is really needed? Will it turn to be a reality? Does a conventional TV have no chance indeed?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello people!

Hello everyone!
How are you? I hope fine and happy! Let me wish you to have everything the best in your lives and share my thoughts with you here. Today the Internet became the part of everything. I am not an exception here because I work with computer technologies and can not live without the Internet. So, I decided to become a part of your community to be able to "speak" and "listen" here! I am sure we'll become good friends!
Regards! And keep in touch!

The Internet as the alternative tendency of the entertainment industry.

The Internet is a strong part of our life now. There is no person who did not hear anything about the Internet and there are not many people who never used it. The Internet is a very serious competitor of TV, radio, cinema and so one. It is not necessary to go to the cinema today in order to watch a film. It is possible to download it from the Internet. It is not necessary to visit CD and DVD shops today. All music is possible to find in the Internet. We use the Internet as the irreplaceable helper at work by finding there different information about different topics. Any book, scientific work… A long time has passed since the Internet has left TV behind according to self-descriptiveness and speed of giving news. Any news which you will read in newspapers tomorrow or watch at TV today’s evening is possible for you to find in the Internet today’s morning. I think that I will not discover America to anyone by telling the fact many people prefer the Internet to TV. The fans of different reality shows have a chance to observe their favourite characters not only on-line but also watch those scenes which could not be seen at TV.
The Internet becomes the alternative of all the entertainment industry today. And we have the following question here: is it good? A person can have no need to leave its home by entering the virtual Internet world. Internet-shops will deliver your order to your home with pleasure. Internet acquaintances and talks in chats will fill up your lack of communication. Internet helps to observe and know everything that happens in the world. It is even possible to earn money with the help of the Internet. It is good and comfortable. It saves your time and can become a real treasure for those people who like to call themselves progress-lovers and modern technologies-lovers. But let us think: do not we come closer to the time when the Internet replaces us a real life and when every person sits at the computer, does not see other people, does not go outside and does not see any necessity in live communication? Laziness is the engine of a progress. Most of inventions were created thanks to laziness. The internet is a very useful invention and I do not think that laziness was the reason of its creation. Let’s use this resource reasonably. It is our great helper. But there is no need to make it the only one helper and recourse of information. Though it can perfectly be the main one))).