Monday, October 12, 2009

Internet vs Real Communication???

I will not believe you if you tell me you never tried to get acquainted with someone through the Internet! If you read this article you are a person who “lives” on the Internet for sure! So, it means that you come here not only to read some information or find a movie, music or buy something but also to meet some nice new and interesting people to communicate and share your opinion with. Am I right? So, the question is: how much disappointment did you have when decided to meet with your Internet friend in reality? I do not mean just appearance but also character, points of views, manner of speech and so one. Certainly, some examples can be found when people who met through the Internet stayed good friends or even built a family. But these examples are not mass.

So, are you ready to substitute real communication for the Internet one? Or you are still able to see the difference between them? Which one do you prefer?


John said...

Life in Internet is bright, but it's just a virtual life! The real life is too short to spend it in the virtual world!

Christian said...

i never considered the internet communication to be a good substitution of real one. you know, on the Internet you become another person, especially when your aim is to get acquainted with someone. you write something you would never say in real life, you use other photos (user pic) for people do not see your real face. the picture to your post shows this clearly.