Monday, October 19, 2009

50 things that are being killed by the internet.

Lately, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has published the article “50 things that are being killed by the internet”. Everybody was shocked and commented this article very much. I’ve chosen 10 the most TOP for me. The article itself you can read here:

It is very interesting I think!

So, what we’ve lost because of the Internet:

1) Punctuality

Before mobile phones, people actually had to keep their appointments and turn up to the pub on time. Texting friends to warn them of your tardiness five minutes before you are due to meet has become one of throwaway rudenesses of the connected age.

2) Watches

Scrabbling around in your pocket to dig out a phone may not be as elegant as glancing at a watch, but it saves splashing out on two gadgets.

3) Memory

When almost any fact, no matter how obscure, can be dug up within seconds through Google and Wikipedia, there is less value attached to the "mere" storage and retrieval of knowledge. What becomes important is how you use it – the internet age rewards creativity.

4) Knowing telephone numbers off by heart

After typing the digits into your contacts book, you need never look at them again.

5) Viktor Yanukovych

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine was organised by a cabal of students and young activists who exploited the power of the web to mobilise resistance against the old regime, and sweep Viktor Yushchenko to power.

6) Geographical knowledge

With GPS systems spreading from cars to smartphones, knowing the way from A to B is a less prized skill. Just ask the London taxi drivers who spent years learning The Knowledge but are now undercut by minicabs.

7) Watching television together

On-demand television, from the iPlayer in Britain to Hulu in the US, allows relatives and colleagues to watch the same programmes at different times, undermining what had been one of the medium's most attractive cultural appeals – the shared experience. Appointment-to-view television, if it exists at all, seems confined to sport and live reality shows.

8) Letter writing/pen pals

Email is quicker, cheaper and more convenient; receiving a handwritten letter from a friend has become a rare, even nostalgic, pleasure. As a result, formal valedictions like "Yours faithfully" are being replaced by "Best" and "Thanks".

9) Respect for doctors and other professionals

The proliferation of health websites has undermined the status of GPs, whose diagnoses are now challenged by patients armed with printouts.

10) The mystery of foreign languages

Sites like Babelfish offer instant, good-enough translations of dozens of languages – but kill their beauty and rhythm.

Have you ever thought of it????


Luna Mauvaise said...

Oh, how I miss hand-written letters. I could always smell the lingering scent of the author on the page as I read sweet words drawn out for me.

Sad to see them go, indeed.


Mike said...

I can agree here just with two things: we lose memory & letter writing/pen pals. Another things aren't very important

John said...

I can't understand how Internet can influence the respect for doctors and other professionals...