Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do you use it in your daily life?

Well, maybe it is not very good to start a blog with a question... A person does not understand what I mean by saying "it". What is "it" in this question? What will this man write about? Anyway.... I want to ask about such a phenomenon as Internet slang. I think all of use use it more or less when we write our blogs, comment on someone's blog or just communicate with our friends in Skype, ICQ and so one... All these "ROFL"s, "LOL"s, "WTF"s, "DWAI"s and so one... How often do you use them? Do you like writing such shortenings in your comments for example? I must admit, that "LOL" is my favourite. Lol! I found out that there would be the whole dictionary of such shortenings and words which are called to be Internet slang. Here are some examples from that dictionary (a lot of them were unfamiliar for me before!!):


VANILLA - Unexciting, conventional


TTUS - Talk To You Soon.

TTLY - Totally

SWM - Single White Male

SWAGGER - A person's style

STELLA -- Flirty girl

SMASH -- Have sex

RIFRAF --- Common people, trailer trash

POTUS --- President of the United States

PARTY POOPER -- A person who ruins the mood with their attitude

NMO --- Not My Opinion

N1 -- Nice One

MW4MW --- Man and Woman looking for another Man and Woman

LYLAF --- Love You Like A Friend


LEES --- Very Attractive Man/Woman

KOTC --- Kiss On The Cheek

JFYI --- Just For Your Information

INORITE -- I Know, Right?

HOLLAND ---- Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies

HAG --- Unattractive old woman

FO SHO --- For Sure

EBONY ---- Dark skin tone

BOOTY CALL --- Call for sex

ALOL --- Actually Laughing Out Loud

What do you think? Do you have your favourite one? And can you use it in your daily life, not on the Internet?