Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Extravagancy of the riches.

We all have our personal dreams about getting rich, perhaps by winning the lottery or maybe with the help of a generous benefactor. But have you ever thought about what would you do with all that money if you had it?

Love makes you lose your head, and when you are rich and powerful you sometimes find really extravagant ways to show how strong your feelings are – starting from Wonders of the World and finishing with your own ear.

Celebrities, like anybody of us, love the joyous festivities of holidays, such as birthdays and baby showers. However, what do Hollywood's finest receive from their families, friends, and co-stars on those memorable events worth partying for?

Being as rich as Richard Branson seems pretty cool. You can hold parties for your airline and then hot chicks show up and you can pick them up and do whatever you want with them.

Look, now I wanna introduce you some

David Backham once gave his wife Victoria, a diamond necklace encrusted with over a hundred rubies worth a cool $1.2 million. Wow, yeah?

On the same Christmas Victoria Backham gave her hubby, David, a gleaming Rolls Royce Phantom. (Perhaps it was revenge! LOL)

Maria Carey sent to the family and friends, Carey-branded tights studded with the real diamonds that cost $15,000 each.

Jennifer Lopez bought for hubby Marc Anthony a Speker C8. It is described as an exclusive Dutch supercar costs approximately $250,000

Celebrities sometimes get their own shows that allow viewers to watch the celebrity go through his or her day. It can be quite intriguing to witness glamorous celebrity deal with the daily grind, like Britney, Ozzy Osborne, Paris Hilton.

The recent example is Virtual Wife, not a reality as we got used to talk about, but a video blog of the same kind.

According to, Britney Spears spends $102,000 a month on entertainment – going out, gifts and vacations… But hey, Christmas is coming, maybe it’s time to think about presents?

Forget about receiving lumps of coal, when you are a celebrity you can give the most extravagant and at times the most ridiculous holiday gifts to your BF, spouse, or child.

I have a guilty pleasure of reading up on Hollywood's extravagant lifestyle, so when gift-giving holidays come around, you better believe I really wanna know what kind of outrageous presents the stars got for their significant others!

One year Courtney Cox gave hubby David Arquette a carousel horse, Jay-Z gave Beyonce a platinum cell phone, and Sarah Larson received a romantic night in a $40,000 hotel suite from her then-flame George Clooney.

Ooh la la!

And here I am happy if I get flowers and chocolate!

What do you think? Are these gifts crazy or romantic? Besides, what you would do with all that money if you had it?

Look, I have an idea!!! Maybe it’s time to think about your beloveds?

The Golden Vibrator is cleverly constructed, pleasing, and chic. At the price of $1500.00, this premium sex toy will seduce and satisfy buyers. This item is packaged in a custom-made wooden box and includes a charger, a satin carrying pouch, and an instructional booklet detailing the best ways for a woman to use it. Combining functionality and femininity, this item is 18 karat gold-plated, weighs approximately five ounces, and is three inches long. Huh?

Your ideas?

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David said...

My opinion is the following: the more money you have - the more crazy you seem to be for others. because people ca not understand how it is possible to spend so much money for such things.