Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Internet as a way to create a family.

Have you ever thought about the following fact: today less and less people want to flirt, get acquainted, date and get married in reality. What do I mean? I mean that many young (well, also not very young) people prefer to meet someone on the Internet, communicate there and only after that meet this person in reality. What is that? The fear of being not attractive enough for the opposite sex??

Look around. There are so many different dating sites on the Internet where hundreds and thousands of people have their profiles and try to meet someone, to corspond with someone with the aim of finding their second halves. There are even virtual churches where you can get married with your second half (even if you did not meet it in reality) on the Internet. I was a witness of such a wedding: both bride and groom did not meet each other in reality and got acquainted at one forum. They decided to create a virtual family and they even had a certificate (virtual of course) of their marriage. So, everything is legal.

My friends, what do you think? Is it the end of real families??

P.S. Well, certainly, the Internet can be very useful for finding your second half if you are a very shy person who lives in a small village and practically does not have any chance to meet your love. But virtual wedding and family life?? What for?

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David said...

well, what can i say... I had profiles at some ating sites before. it was just interesting for me how all this system worked. i corresponded with ladies and i have 2 good friends now from that web-sites. but virtual wedding.. hm... i do not even know what person would consiter this seriously!