Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Internet vs Cinema.

Do you like going to the cinema? As for me, I try to go there as often as it is possible. Well, if the film is interesting for me of course. I think that nothing can be compared with the impressions from a big screen, wonderful effects and sound. The atmosphere of the cinema is magical. All people come there with the only one goal: to take a great pleasure from what they see. It is like a tradition already: to invite a girl to the cinema, to buy a pop corn and cola (or something else – it is up to you tastes of course) and admire the film….

That is why I was a little bit surprised when yesterday the friend of mine refused to go to the cinema with me to watch the new film “2012” because, as he said, he would better watch it at the computer soon. He will wait a little till the time this film will be possible to download from the Internet at some torrents and he will watch it in a cozy home atmosphere. Moreover, he will save the money which he would spend for a ticket if he went with me! I was confused! 

From the one hand, I understand the fact that for many people it is more comfortable to watch films at home. But from the other hand, I do not understand how a monitor screen can be compared with the magical cinema atmosphere where you feel yourself as if you are a part of the film you watch?

Where do you prefer to watch new movies, my friends?

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David said...

I strongly prefer cinema!!! certainly i can watch a movie at home if it is not a very popular one or has a small budget. but as for blockbasters, only cinema for sure!